How can I get started?

Q- First you need to select the service you want; 1 week - $100 or 4 weeks for $300 .

Second we need to get content for your ad . Will talk to you so you can send the content by email , pictures you have to put on your ad if you have any or will find pictures for your ad  ( 5 pics the most )

Third we need a video, you can send the link you have of your video or will make a 1 minute approximately 14mb video of your business with the basic information you will provide us.

Fourth we need your basic information of your business:

* Business name

* Address

* Phone Numbers

* Email address

* Services you provide ( 5- 8 main services )

* Website link or url

* Local area you cover or county

When will I see my ad display?

Q- As fast we get all the information require for your business between 4-5 days.  

How will I know my ad is running?

Q- We´ll send you a link to the email you provide us, so we can send you a link of the ad running.

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